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DX260Kit - PC Based Diesel Smoke Meter Kit

Great kit for mobility without sacrificing efficiency or accuracy!

1x - Diesel Smoke Opacity Meter Head (wired version with 10m cable)
1x - Universal Power supply
1x - USB connection cable
1x - Flexible Stainless Steel probe

This "bare bone" Diesel Emissions Kit will give you all of the advantages of the DX260SA but for a far less outlay.
All you need is a Laptop with one USB port and a printer plus the DX260Kit to produce legitimate diesel emissions test results.
Test Results can be also saved in PDF files so you can print them back in the office if necessary.

Smoke Opacity in % ( HSUnits ), (old SA system)
Smoke Density in ( km-1 ), (New SA system + rest of the world) (km-1 is coefficient of Light obscuration per linear meter for a smoke column)
Fast-Pass™ Test
Free Acceleration Test
Live Readings (for Dyno measurements, etc, etc.)
VOSA MOT/DOT Legislative Emissions Tests with Pass / Fail and A4 Printouts.
Fast Warm-Up combined with great accuracy and repeatability
Fully SAEJ-1667 Compliant
Time saving - One test takes about 3-5 minutes on average

Caters for all diesel vehicles - cars, vans, trucks, buses, plus light and heavy plant machinery - with sampling pipe options to suit different exhaust types. MOT/DOT approved.
Easy-to-handle smoke measuring head is well-balanced, compact and very robust.
Suitable for Steady State or Free Acceleration testing.

Proven design and manufacturing pedigree.
Max. 10 minute warm-up time.
Accurate measurement down to at least -15 °C

Weatherproof Low Voltage measuring head for safe use outdoors and indoors (this is not 220V unit so accidentally damaging the cable presents no hazard).
Wet or cold conditions present no problems.
Patented automatic self-calibration.

 Simple to use:
Straightforward directions guide you through the tests.
Clear and simple on-screen messages with easy selection of measurement modes.

 Very Low Maintenance:
Almost no maintenance device (patented). Simple blow off with compressed air is usually enough.
No constant equipment calibration with glass or optics (patented). Equipment self calibrates - no operator involvement.

   Major fleet operators, service workshops and MOT stations alike will benefit from this diesel smoke meter's accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.
Engineered to cater for all types of diesel-engine vehicles - from cars and light vans, through to trucks, coaches and PSV's - the DX260 Smoke Meter will help you meet the environmental demands and legislative requirements of the new millennium.
Extremely low maintenance unit. No filters to change and no moving parts. Very robust Smoke Head. No other Diesel Exhaust Smoke meter beats the low cost and accuracy of the DX260.

Crypton Diesel Exhaust Emissions Analyser -Kit Crypton Diesel Exhaust Emissions Analyser -in action

 Configuration Options:
Wired (10m.) Smoke Head 

Add On Options:
Engine Oil Temperature Probe
Non-intrusive Tachometer

Typical Print Out Screens (A4 format)

MOT Test, Fast-Pass Test, Live Readings


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